Applicant Profile

Those who have successfully completed the basic program or those who already have basic knowledge about sailing and seamanship

Program Types

Daily short cruising from Izmir (4 Saturdays or 4 Sundays)
Long distance cruising from Izmir (4 consecutive days)

Total Program Duration

Duration of daily short cruising is 4 days - 32 hours (Weekend courses)
Duration of long distance cruising is 4 consecutive days. (on board stay)

Time Schedules

Daily cruising : Meeting at 09:00 on the boat, returning back to the port at 17:00.
Weekly cruising : Meeting at 09:00 on the boat on the first day, returning back to the port at 17:00 on the last day.


This program is suitable for seamen who already have basic knowledge about sailing and seamanship. Participants will be instructed about intermediate level sailing knowledge and long cruising rules by intensive application. During the program, participants manage each item of the cruising and have the opportunity to intensively practice all the items.


  • Reviewing of basic level sailing subjects.
  • Parts of a sailing yachts - detail
  • Sailing trim on a reach, sailing downwind.
  • Sailing trim on calm weather and heavy weather.
  • Sailing trim on big waves.
  • Tacking with two crews.
  • Gybing with two crews.
  • Reefing with two crews.
  • Navigation. (Dead reckoning position, estimated position, current, deviation...)
  • GPS
  • Man overboard. (2 deferent type maneuvers)
  • Preparing the layouts of the boat.
  • Preparing the checking list of the boat.
  • Staying at anchored.
  • Mooring alongside in a marina.
  • Knots and rope work (intermediate level)
  • Sailing with spinnaker.

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